Committed to respect, accountability and excellence, our Firm provides legal advice on a national and international scale, and takes special interest in the legal, financial and fiscal issues of our clients. L&S Abogados has a distinctly multidisciplinary approach, with an extensive team of professionals who specialise in the various branches of Law and Business Economics. L&S Abogados also has a broad network of partners around the world (primarily, in the corporate field) that enables us to advise our clients in the best possible way.

We provide efficient solutions to all of our clients’ needs, on both national and international markets.

L&S Abogados is a young firm, founded in 2012 by Marta López-Pena and Raquel Serón. After long careers at reputable practices, the two lawyers decided to join forces to create a personable firm, capable of providing the most comprehensive legal and accounting advisory services available, in an effort to assist clients with major projects and daily tasks, with the same degree of professionalism. L&S Abogados emerged from the premise that offering clients good service is no longer enough, that it is essential to provide specific solutions in order for their businesses to grow, thrive and diversify in the current economic climate. With their extensive international experience, Marta López-Pena and Raquel Serón developed a network of professionals (in countries with ample business opportunities), who work under the same quality standards as L&S Abogados, and who, above all, are able to engage in a unique structure that prioritises collaboration in the interest of the client. To create this network, the founding members travelled to several countries in Africa, Asia and South America, eventually uniting 17 nations in a network that continues to grow.

True to the initial concept, the Firm continues to complement the provision of advisory services in Spain and Equatorial Guinea, where it has offices in Malabo and Bata, with the drive to offer the same services in 17 other countries through its network of collaborators. Today, L&S Abogados has a permanent team of 18 professionals at your service, and as many partners around the world.